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All Change for Recruitment – An Indefinite Switch?

With many businesses continuing to work from home in the interests of public safety, the only practical way for many companies to recruit and expand is by way of virtual means. With the need to uphold professionalism and agility like in a physical setting, many pondered on how to adjust to this new requirement. For many it was Zoom, for others Microsoft Teams. Regardless, these video conferencing platforms have become a lifeline this year.

It is true that for some companies a pre-recorded video interview was required for screening purposes. But it is also true to say that the pandemic has enhanced these types of procedures already taking place. Companies have had no choice but to improve their technical abilities by analysing potential staff through online psychometric tests, online interview questionnaires, and virtual assessment centres. Many law firms have switched their vacation schemes and open days to being attended entirely through virtual means. In normal life, many candidates may look forward to the traditional interview where they visit the facilities, meet staff, and get a general overview of the work culture of the company. By the same token, recruitment staff benefit massively from meeting people face-to-face and getting an overview of their hard and soft skills and suitability for the advertised role.

As we are nearing the end of 2020 and still very much feeling the wrath of Covid-19, virtual recruitment is something that many will have to come to terms with. Many companies feel that even where it is possible to bring candidates into the facilities for an interview, it is simply not necessary given the efficiency and flexibility that comes with virtual interviewing. Likewise, candidates do not have to make the commute to their interview and can may benefit from being more relaxed during an interview in the comfort of their own home – also proving to be less time consuming.

However, with this transition into a technological and virtual world, it is worth noting that not everyone can appreciate the same luxuries. Many may struggle with poor connections, or with having access to technology at all. It is therefore important for companies to ensure they also have a flexible approach to the recruitment process. Where people do not have the means to attend a virtual interview or undertake an online test, the concept of accessibility must be upheld, and the recruitment process must always be fair. With PPE and social distancing, it will still be possible for people to undertake the interview or online tests at an alternative location courtesy of the company they are applying to.

The recruitment process is another procedure which has had to undergo radical adjustments as a result of the coronavirus. The face-to-face competency-based interview setting could well be something of the past. Likewise, as and when things return to some kind of normal, businesses may think twice about their recruitment budget and become hesitant to pay large fees to recruitment agencies – alternatives such as Ashford Recruitment have been around for a while but providing a blend of in-house recruitment and using and agency, at lower costs this and similar services are likely a great avenue to consider when looking to recruit.

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