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Effective Changes to Consider for Your HR Department

If your business operates with an in-house HR department, arguably it has a pivotal role in delivering all the key elements that ensure the smooth and strategic running of the company. Namely, on boarding and employee engagement, training and development, company policies and contracts, and dealing with any employee issues. These all have equal weighting to ensure the success of the company.


The pandemic has meant adapting and thinking outside of the box; HR has also seen the development of digital alternatives and other technology to aid recruitment, payroll, and other jobs of the HR department. With these new developments, it certainly lacks the human element and can even make it more difficult to perform these tasks in a way that adequately reflects your wants and needs. 


There are a number of ways in which your HR department could be improved. Firstly, ensuring the person behind recruiting is an embodiment of the values and culture that you wish to portray in your business. Someone who is completely aware of the ethos you have built will definitely know who to look for when recruiting. The right recruiter will recognise someone’s strengths and weaknesses and ensure that they will be the type of person that will stay and progress in the company. Pre-screening is a fundamental element to recruiting as the process analyses employment history and obtains references, an employer refusing to give a reference is normally a tell-tale sign of the persons relationship with their last employer.


In companies that require a specific skill set, it is worthwhile to have a recruiter that has experience in the field to ensure they are absolutely certain that the person is the right fit for the company. For example, in an oil and gas company it would be prudent to hire a recruiter who was formerly an engineer to showcase their practical experience in the field and concise knowledge of what is required. A specialist will be considerably more experienced than a recruiter with no background knowledge and will be pragmatic and quick in their dealings with pre-screening. To echo the previous example, recruitment specialists for certain fields will know where to source the best in the business and recognise their strengths upon meeting them. A recruiter who does not have as much experience may not recognise exactly what is required. Specialists will also have an array of connections in the field and can even use this to their advantage when it comes to recruiting. Someone who they know with a respectable skillset and suitable experience may be looking for a job and could align with what your business is looking for. This is a course of action to consider as it will ensure you recruit someone who aligns with your company’s ethos and is the best in the business.


Another change to consider is training your current recruiters to keep on top of current developments in the hiring process. Virtual platforms and other means of hiring have become the norm for many people. With the different routes it is hard to decipher which one will produce the best candidates. There are online training courses available to teach the HR department about the developments surrounding recruitment, or teams can come to the premises and deliver an on-site session to inform your department. On completion of these programs, it is always worthwhile to check whether a certificate is issued as it will add to your employees’ credibility. If your budget would not cover such measures, there are free resources online with similar information. It can be found in articles, blogs, and networking with people on LinkedIn. Many professionals are very forthcoming in sharing their knowledge on such platforms. 


Ensuring that your HR department is utilised to the best of its ability is vital as it has a direct impact on the employees and their engagement and retention.


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