HR solutions for employers

HR solutions for employers

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Our services for businesses

At Electra we are here to help you power your business your way. This means you can continue to dedicate your valuable time to the business and be comfortable in the knowledge that workplace culture is operating at a high standard and your business is fully protected against the most up-to-date Employment legislation, allowing your employees to sustain happy, productive, and longstanding relationships that benefit you all.

We are partnered with our sister firm, Tiger Law, so everything we do is backed and overseen by qualified legal professionals to protect your interests. If anything gets contentious your end, Tiger Law can step in and assist with any legal matters and you can be confident that your case is in safe hands, you’ll be working with the same group of people just with slightly sharper teeth.

Procedure Support

We are right beside you to guide you through the process of recruiting, hiring, managing and developing the people you depend on to drive your business. 

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HR Compliance

Ensuring that your documents, policies, and processes are in line with current guidelines and employment law is more than just a tick box exercise.

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ACAS Correspondence

It’s always handy to have an expert HR advisor by your side to support with all ACAS correspondence or disputes. You will need to liaise with ACAS for all kinds of employment disputes. 

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Tribunal Support

Electra HR are on hand to help you with any key forms you may need to lodge, the collating of the tribunal bundle, a schedule of loss, an agenda, and where matters progress, we will be able to instruct an appropriate barrister to represent you.

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Training & Support for Managers

We train and coach groups and individual managers to deal with situations with proper awareness of the law right from the get-go. Our legal training is greatly appreciated by employees both for the confidence it instils and also as a welcome new string to their bow.

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Specialist Legal Support

As part of the Tiger Group, everything we do is backed and overseen by qualified legal professionals to protect your interests. And thanks to the way we work with our sister company Tiger Law, if a situation warrants it, full professional legal advice and representation is available right here, all the way to tribunal if needed.

"I have always wanted to do better for my clients and seeing them tied into long and uncommercial retainers was something I knew I could improve on. We want to emancipate our clients, not tie them in knots, clients should stay because they want to not because they are stuck in contracts. We do things very differently at the law firm and certainly very differently at Electra, we want to be your partners and keep you safe."
Vanessa Challess
Vanessa Challess
Principle & Founder


It is unpredictable to predict the likelihood of success as cases are all made up of intrinsic differences, Electra would need to know the details of the specific case in question before making a judgement.

All employees are within their right to make a request for flexible working. An employer is not obliged to accept the request, however, the request must be given reasonable consideration and a decision must be made within three months.

An employer must give notice to employees of any changes to employees terms and conditions before changes are implemented. If an employee does not accept the new terms they can be dismissed by SOSR (blog link here). Changes cannot be made retrospectively unless otherwise agreed, however, changes to the terms and conditions in new members of staff’s contracts which do not make them suffer a detriment compared to longstanding employees is acceptable.

Where there is a substantial economic, technical, and organisational reason for a change in the terms and conditions to be implemented under TUPE, this is acceptable however it is important for employers to follow a consultation procedure and keep employees informed.

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