ACAS Correspondence

At Electra, we guarantee that with our services you will receive commercially robust advice and support that enables you to grow your business. 

It's always handy to have an expert HR advisor by your side to support with all ACAS correspondence or disputes.

You will need to liaise with ACAS for all kinds of employment disputes whether you are the claimant or the respondent. As well as being there for support and advice throughout the correspondence, Electra’s experienced advisors can be on hand to assist you with:

  • ET3 form preparation and responding to claims made against you.
  • Liaising with the ACAS representative on your behalf to help negotiate and come to an agreed settlement.
  • Where the claim has been withdrawn, we can help with filling out an agreement prior to the final COT3
  • Agreement and provide ongoing support after the case to ensure the smooth running of your business is not affected.

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