Training & Support for Managers

At Electra, we guarantee that with our services you will receive commercially robust advice and support that enables you to grow your business. 

Ensuring that your management staff understand the law as it applies to their activities on your behalf is one of the most positive things that you can do to prevent expensive disputes with customers, suppliers and staff.

You might have one HR administrator or a team, we can give them as much support as they need whether it’s to quickly check a letter, chair a meeting for them or train them on recent updates so that they are running your HR efficiently and in compliance with the ever changing HR landscape.

There is nothing worse than having all the right documents in place but having a line manager who jumps the gun in a difficult situation. Similarly painful is having a line manager in place who is too petrified to manage difficult situations properly, leaving you with an employee submitting a grievance or worse a disciplinary process that could have been simple but now is complex and lengthy.

We train and coach groups and individual managers to deal with situations with proper awareness of the law right from the get-go. Our legal training is greatly appreciated by employees both for the confidence it instils and also as a welcome new string to their bow. It also means that directors can relax in the knowledge that their managers are grappling with managing the difficult stuff and everyone is up to date.

HR training and support

Our training can be delivered to small groups or on a 1-2-1 basis, on-site or remotely.

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