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Investigating Modern Working Arrangements

Working from Home, the Office, or a Hybrid

Perhaps one of the most revolutionary and positive things to come out of the pandemic has been the progressive way that we have all adapted to working. Working from home was barely spoken of in the years before the pandemic, with many of us seeing it as a luxury for those in higher positions. The nature of the UK workforce is continuing to change rapidly. Some job postings now offer 100% remote positions with no prospect of ever being in an office environment. This works for most people, but others would like the choice.

While we are now coming through the pandemic with vaccines being rolled out, return to the office plans being drafted, and protective measures all in place to make working as ‘Covid-secure’ as possible, there is a lot of dialogue surrounding the best model of working. As previously mentioned, some new job postings are only featuring remote working models. The apparent positives of this are endless; a diverse workforce, a push into the technology world, no commute, more family centred people who do not get caught in the busy work life, among many more.

However, on the flip side of that people are saying that working from home is making for a lazy workforce, and that there will be divide which will get worse as time goes on. It has also been claimed that working from home can be discriminatory as some employees may not have access to the technology required. This shows clear disparities in opinion but shows that with these differing opinions comes the very nature of what work is all about. Choosing a field and model that works for you in a way that plays to your strengths.

Productivity is an important factor for many employees when considering what your preferred model is. A set up that promotes your wellbeing, feels genuinely empowering and gives you autonomy over your work, and works for both you and your employer is 100% the best outcome, no matter what way you choose out of the three. The main takeaway is that as a workforce, field depending, we have all been given the choice.

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