Meet Senior HR Advisor, Isaline Sergeant, taking Electra HR into the future

Isaline Sergeant here, and I'm delighted to announce that I've recently joined Electra HR.

As always, Electra HR is here when you need us. We are able to assist you as you adjust to the new realities of the workplace in the aftermath of the pandemic.

By offering bundled services, we intend to fill a vacancy in the market. This new emphasis will range from initial policy evaluations and gap analyses to change management and employee education.

Our new Sr HR Advisor, Isaline Sergeant,  is a qualified HR professional holding a legal degree from the Université Catholique de Louvain as well as a CIPD diploma. 

Isaline is of Belgian and Italian descent; she speaks French, English, and Italian.

She pursues a career in human resources to combine her legal education with her fascination with employers’ and employees’ complex and intricate relationships. Ms. Sergeant is devoted to assisting businesses and employees in becoming the best versions of themselves through strategic placement of HR decisions within organisations.

Isaline Sergeant looking at you with a teal background and a quote mentioning the importance of taking care of your staff

Isaline strongly believes in developing and listening to your workforce to unleash their full potential. This might translate in a variety of measures, e.g. putting in place a thorough onboarding process, giving employees the training, shadowing/mentoring they crave, or simply providing more flexibility. Some employees are more productive working full-time from home, while others find their balance in the hybrid working model. One size doesn’t fit all and, when possible, providing the employee with what best works for them is a true win-win situation ensuring employee productivity and retention.

"Under my direction as Senior HR advisor, I am excited to lead Electra HR down a new path that focuses on providing a series of customised HR service packages that precisely satisfy the needs of our clients."

Invest in your people to invest in your company's success

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