Meet Electra HR

Meet Electra HR

Notice something different?  

Tiger HR rebranded and we came back bigger and better than ever. We’ve grown tremendously since our company was formed in 2017 ago and thought it was about time to bring our company up to date with who we are now: a HR firm that believes firmly in the value and power of people.  

The foundations of our company remain the same: we still offer flexible billing, customised packages to suit our client’s needs and all the other fabulous things that made Tiger HR stand out from the crowd- however our company rebrand means we can communicate our message even clearer and give our HR firm its very own identity.  

Electra HR is founded on 3 main values:  

  • Ethical advice and treatment across the board, for our clients and for their teams 
  • Equality for every person, no matter their position  
  • Communication should be clear, concise and jargon free 

Our solution is simple: being seasoned HR specialists backed up by a full-service law firm and run by a highly experienced litigator, our professional team will be readily available to offer advice, policy recommendations and amendments, coaching and support and any other guided help you might require. 

At Electra, we are fueled by strong ethics including equality & empowerment. You can always be assured that you will receive commercially robust advice and support that enables you to do what you do best- grow your business. This means you can continue to dedicate your valuable time to the company and be comfortable in the knowledge that workplace culture is operating at a high standard, your team is at its most productive and your business is protected against the most up-to-date employment legislation. 

We provide support for Employers in the form of:  

  • Support with internal processes and policies 
  • HR Compliance (with the law changing up to four times a year) 
  • ACAS Correspondence 
  • Tribunal Support 
  • Training & Support for Managers 

As well as that, we can provide guidance for Employees who are not sure where to take their matter or refer you to our sister law firm, Tiger Law, if needed (we are the same people just with sharper teeth).  

Why Electra?  

You might be wondering, why Electra HR? We wanted our new brand name to reflect our ethos of empowerment as well as the strength and resilience within our team. Along with being a nod to our founder Vanessa’s Greek heritage; Electra (Greek for ‘Bright One’) is the Greek Goddess of the Storm Cloud. She is known in mythology as a source of power and a ray of brightness– providing help from afar when people need it most, which aligns perfectly with our mission of guiding our clients to find strength in otherwise difficult situations.  

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