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Unemployment and Retraining – How to Remain Optimistic

In a scattered and unpredictable job market where we are seeing increasingly devastating effects on the backhand of a global pandemic, many people have been faced with unemployment and the difficulty of finding another job. One proactive and effective way of remaining optimistic and ensuring you have a strong chance at becoming employed again is by retraining via online distance courses.

Recent search has shown that in 2020, over 50% of workers took courses to better their job prospects. Amongst this majority, the main people opting into courses were the younger generation. Many people who were made redundant in 2020 have said that they are a lot more optimistic for 2021 and furloughed people have also alluded to the fact that they do not feel any negative feelings towards the stability of their job. Many people may have been furloughed for the majority of the year or the whole year meaning their interaction in a ‘professional’ environment has been limited. However, furloughed people in this situation have said they have no negative feelings about their employability more generally.

Some of the most popular courses taken by keen workers were IT skills, business and administration, and counselling. One course which had the biggest increase from the year before was office administration and reception skills. This shows that many prospecting young people feel that with the possibility of the return to the office in 2021, they want to be as well-equipped as possible to set them aside from other candidates in the hiring process.

Partaking in an online distance course is a reflection of the evolving ways of the job market and workforce. People are becoming more flexible and adapting to the ways of home working and working completely virtual. It shows a good sense of solidarity and positivity. Many courses offered on Job sites are free or come at a low price meaning there is an element of inclusion and people are on a level playing field. Developing your skills is not only beneficial for starting in a new role, but also opens the door to the possibility of promotion in a current role too.

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